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Summer Programs and College Partnerships

At Vertex Partnership Academies, extraordinary experiences exist beyond our campus for all scholars. During the summer of 2024, Vertex will be represented at the phenomenal programs below, where scholars will continue their educational and personal growth.

When asked about the extraordinary college partnership Vertex shares with the U.S. Naval Academy, Aleesha B. (Class of 2026) wrote: 

"The experience is truly eye-opening. It is like a foreign world full of new information and a different form and way of learning and engagement. Being selected for this opportunity fills me with much gratitude and truly taught me so much. They had engaging activities from the planetarium, satellite work with ISS, robotics, and a convention with Astronauts Kayla and Michael. I learned new things corresponding to STEM and experiences that opened my eyes to what life is like for Students and Servers at the Naval Academy. It impacts my overall experience as a Vertex student because it has helped me look forward to my future and the experiences I will be able to have."

Aleesha is in Vertex's inaugural class and will spend five weeks in London with the School for Ethics and Global Leadership this summer. Read more about Aleesha's exciting opportunity to come below! 


Aleesha (pictured left) engages in a STEM activity with a classmate at the U.S. Naval Academy.