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Welcome to Vertex Partnership Academies and the opportunity to join a pioneering team committed to providing life-changing opportunities for high school students as they prepare for their journey to young adulthood.

At Vertex, we are focused on continuous improvement not only for students, but also for our faculty, operations staff, and leadership team. Towards this end, we aim to foster a culture of reflection and collaboration through common planning time and highly focused professional development that may take many forms. 

For example, Vertex Partnership Academies is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School, and as such, faculty members will take professional development workshops designed to engage educators and leaders in rich learning experiences and challenging ideas about how to most effectively implement the IB program. 

To support our rigorous learning environment, Vertex is a cell-phone-free school for students, enabling teachers to focus and not be distracted by having to manage the drama associated with digital devices

Here are testimonials from just three of our amazing teammates:

Ms. Mangual - Founding Principal

"At Vertex, we are committed to building an institution of high academic and behavioral expectations from all of our students and staff. We are intentional about character development and continue to foster a space where staff and scholars are exposed to a variety of experiences inside and outside of the classroom that help them reflect and strengthen themselves as moral and intellectual beings."

Mr. Badalato - Educator, Global History

"After five years of teaching in schools that pushed ideology and what to think, on both teachers and students, Vertex offers inspiration (and ideas) on how to think. We are building something special and a better future in the world of education than the rest of the world is offering."

Ms. Brown - Educator, Theatre

"Teaching at Vertex is a truly unique experience because of the unparalleled level of support provided to both students and staff. Here, we're not just focused on imparting information; we're dedicated to fostering a culture of active learning and real-world application. We believe that being a virtuous human being is just as important as excelling academically. Our resources are comprehensive, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally."