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We are very grateful for financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations that invest in our mission to develop virtuous high school graduates who have acquired the habits, knowledge, and personal agency necessary to lead self-determined, purposeful lives of American and global citizenship. 

Our vision is to develop internationally-minded, tenacious learners guided by the four cardinal virtues of Courage, Justice, Temperance, and Wisdom. Vertex Partnership Academies, Inc, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization classified as a charity that is able to accept philanthropic contributions. 

Multiple Pathways

Vertex Partnership Academies ensures each student is able to access a virtues-based, liberal arts education where they get exposure to the finest works in art, music, poetry and literature, preparing them for college if so desired, while also having optionality in their junior and senior years to pursue courses of study that result in industry certification and potential employment immediately upon graduation.

Viewpoint Diversity 

Vertex Partnership Academies ensures each student has the opportunity to meet great writers. As one example, renowned author Shelby Steele, who wrote “The Content of Our Character, visited Vertex in the Bronx and provided a generous grant to our library given the school’s efforts to strengthen the principles and institutions of American exceptionalism — freedom, entrepreneurship, and equality of opportunity for all citizens.

Extraordinary Experiences

Vertex Partnership Academies ensures each student has the opportunity to have “real-world” experiences that expand their horizons, which has already included attending the US Naval Academy High School Girls Space Day and Astronaut Convocation in Annapolis, Maryland and two students visiting Tianjin and Beijing, China in summer 2024, as part of a Vertex partnership with Tianjin University.

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