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Careers at Vertex Partnership Academies

We know from our personal experiences and from education research that the most significant in-school factor on student learning is the overall quality of instruction from teachers. In order to have a great school, there must be great teaching.

At Vertex Partnership Academies, we are guided in our approach to recruiting, employing, and developing faculty by the following eight competencies and dispositions:

  • Subject content expertise
  • Effective pedagogical practices across subject areas
  • Pedagogical content knowledge
  • Literacy practices in the subject
  • Ability to collaborate productively with colleagues
  • Curiosity and hunger for professional growth
  • Enjoyment of teen-agers and an ability to relate effectively 
  • Commitment to the community the school serves.

If you are interested in forming part of the founding Vertex Team in the 2022 school year, please send your resume to