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Welcome to Vertex Partnership Academies, where pupils are prepared for the responsibilities of republican self-governance, guided by the four cardinal virtues of courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom. We know our students have agency, that every day they make choices about the people they want to be, the lives they want to lead, and the society they want to build. We also know it is our sacred duty to give them the knowledge most worth having, to teach them how to think critically, to expose them to a rich diversity of viewpoints, and to provide the space to explore and create. Click here to see how Vertex Partnership Academies partnered with the Mill Institute at University of Austin at Texas (UATX), as part of a larger effort to bring principles of viewpoint diversity and intellectual exploration to US high schools.

We are proud to offer an unparalleled educational experience rooted in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, recognized for excellence worldwide. As one of just a handful of IB-for-all schools around the world, we offer the Middle Years Programme, for grades 9 and 10, followed by the choice of either the Diploma Programme or Career-related Programme, for grades 11 and 12. Learn more about each of our exceptional IB options here

At Vertex, in addition to the core academic subjects, we ensure all our students master the fundamentals of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, while providing choices for traditional and experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom. In school, our students choose from courses that include Mandarin, Spanish, Art, and Design. Outside of the classroom, our students choose from a rich variety of programs, including summer intensives in London and Shanghai, college courses at St. John’s College in Annapolis and Georgetown University, and partnerships with the Bronx Zoo Project True and the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression – among many others. Learn more here.

With an excellent academic foundation, robust enrichment, and a global perspective, Vertex pupils are educated, empowered young men and women prepared for admission to right-fit colleges and careers in industry. It’s our privilege to be a part of their journey.

At Vertex:

  • We commit to providing a rigorous, rich learning experience for all learners, regardless of their starting levels.
  • We believe all students, regardless of starting level, can achieve excellence with hard work and education. 
  • All students who enter our doors have boundless potential. Through a shared commitment to our cardinal virtues, it is our promise that we will do everything in our power to create the conditions for their success.

Visit us and see excellence in action!


Michael Farkosh

Head of Talent, Teaching & Learning