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Celebrating Wisdom Scholarship


The Celebrating Wisdom Scholarship aims to expose you to innovative ideas that extend your learning and open your mind to what’s possible by reading works from various authors who embody the type of wisdom that we want all Vertex students to emulate. The goal is to give you the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest present-day thinkers with a variety of perspectives that can help enrich your own understanding of the world and the different ways that you can emulate our cardinal virtues as a Vertex student.

This scholarship is meant to celebrate wisdom; all Vertex students, including registered rising 9th graders, are encouraged to apply. 

The Celebrating Wisdom Scholarship is a one-time $1,000 scholarship, deposited into a 529 College Savings Account and a $50 Amazon gift card. We will award ten $1,000 scholarships and one grand prize scholarship of $2,500.

List of authors for the Celebrating Wisdom Scholarship


The Celebrating Wisdom Scholarship application process is as follows:

Step 1: Watch at least one video interview with or about an author your select from the list above to learn about that person and about their personal history and ideas

Step 2: Read at least one book by or about the author selected (available to pick up at Vertex)
Optional additional component: read at least one article written by or about the person selected

Step 3: Your must summarize in an essay of at least 500 words what is said in the book and share your own thoughts on what was said. Explain how this person embodies one or more of the cardinal virtues – courage, justice, temperance, wisdom – and how you can emulate this as a Vertex student.


Ten $1,000 scholarship + $50 Amazon gift card

One $2,500 grand prize scholarship  + $50 Amazon gift card


Email the essay to Mrs. Pleitez at by Friday, September 6th.