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Vertex Partnership Academies

A Partnership Charter High School Network


Who we are

Vertex Partnership Academies seeks to be the first-of-its-kind charter management organization and partnership network of exceptional, tuition-free International Baccalaureate (IB) public charter high schools that offer pathways to college completion and/or career development, and empowers its graduates to lead lives of meaning and purpose.  Grounded in the four cardinal virtues of Courage, Justice, Temperance and Wisdom, the first Vertex campus will open in the Bronx in 2022. Each scholar will be empowered to choose either: (1) the IB Diploma Program that prepares them to enroll and thrive in premier colleges and universities in the country or abroad; or (2) the IB Career Program that prepares them to enter the labor market with professional skills and knowledge in a particular industry sector.

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Cardinal Virtues

Vertex Partnership Academies is organized around the four cardinal virtues of Courage, Justice, Wisdom, and Temperance, both as an expectation for each student scholar and faculty member in our community, to personally adopt and as a conceptual framework that shapes every aspect of school culture, policies, and curriculum.

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